Our purpose is to provide advice and services to the industrial community during their time at the ALBA Synchrotron.

Synchrotrons are sources of high quality light that push the detection and resolution limits of existing techniques. That is an opportunity for a clear competitive advantage that we would like to offer to the industrial community.



Núria Valls
Industrial Liaison Scientist
Tel.: (+34) 93 592 4393

Marta Ávila
Industrial Liaison Scientist
Tel.: (+34) 93 592 4051

Alejandro Sánchez
Director Associate. Industrial Liaison Office
Tel.: (+34) 93 592 4419

Inmaculada Ramos
Head of User Office
Tel.: (+34) 93 592 4346



From the Industrial Liaison Office we will be delighted to provide you guidance on the different ways that your company can request and benefit from access to the ALBA Synchrotron. Please, feel free to contact us.
Application areas: general overview about the synchrotron industrial applications which are available here at ALBA.
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