"Safety at ALBA is our priority for the entire organization. It guarantees ALBA commitment versus scientific excellence and improvement of the well-being and progress of society. Safety habits in the professional world are seamlessly transmitted to families and children, participating in the education of the whole community."

Caterina Biscari, ALBA Synchrotron Director

 The Health & Safety Office reports directly to ALBA Director and manages two different areas:

Its main functions are:

  • To ensure the regulatory compliance in the centre
  • To analyse the risks of the user experiment and contribute to the execution of safe experiments
  • To inform and train in the field of safety our personnel, external contractors and users
  • To prevent any radiological risk and manage the personal dosimetry
  • To coordinate emergencies at ALBA
  • To contribute to the general awareness of danger
  • To improve working conditions by implementing policies for the elimination and prevention of hazards and risks



Information about the access rules to be followed to enter to the radiological areas at ALBA


Document including 12 commitments of the ALBA Synchrotron regarding health & safety issues (in Spanish)

The Health & Safety responsibilities are divided in five different levels with a permanent feedback between eachother:

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