User Funding for Academic Research is subject to budget availability on an annual basis.



For each academic peer-reviewed experiment:

  • ALBA may fund the trip for up to 3 users from Spanish institutions per experiment.
  • For red experiments (see regulatory rules), ALBA may fund the trip for up to 4 users from Spanish institutions per experiment.


For users from non Spanish European Home Institutions, during the call 2018-II we will fund one proposal per beamline through CalipsoPlus Funding (one experimental visit with two funded users from European non-Spanish institutions). The proposal will be selected based in scientific excellence according to our Scientific Panel giving priority to proposals from European countries with no synchrotron facility when applicable. Please, take into account that all awarded users should acknowledge CALIPSOplus Project and ALBA in the acknowledgement section: These experiments were performed at […] beamline at ALBA Synchrotron with the collaboration of ALBA staff and CALIPSOplus (Grant 730872) funding. In addition, you should submit your publications through ALBA User Office Portal associating the ID of your experiment to the publication.

Due to limited budget, during the call 2019-I we will not fund any proposal through the CalipsoPlus program. This funding will be available again during the call 2019-II in the conditions explained above.


  • Travel tickets from user’s home institution to Barcelona airport or train station: you should follow instruction in the invitation email where you will find the contact form with our Travel Agency.


Meals during days of the experiment

  • Working days: lunches in the ALBA canteen.
  • Week-ends and public holidays: lunches at Hotel Campus.
  • EVERY DAY: dinner at Hotel Campus or take-away dinner from Hotel Campus if you prefer to stay in the ALBA facility during your experiment.

You will be requested to sign a register when you take your meal.

ALBA will ONLY fund lunches and dinners during officially granted beam time plus the day before the first shift and the day after the last shift.

ALBA will not reimburse tickets from other restaurants or cafeterias.

Only once you have received your invitation email from the ALBA User Office, confirming your experiment dates and explaining the access procedures, should you book your travel tickets, and accommodation through our travel agency and guest house. Those expenses will be directly invoiced to ALBA.

Not later than one month after the experiment:

For Spanish funded users, ALBA User Office will reimburse a fixed small amount after the experiment to cover taxis or other extra small expenses: