The Diagnostics Beamline (Xanadu) selects the visible part of the synchrotron radiation produced by a bending magnet to perform diagnostics studies of the electron beam, namely, measure the bunch length using a streak camera, transverse beam size using interferometry techniques, and bunch population by means of photon counting techniques.

A Streak and Fast Gated Camera allows bunch-to-bunch characterization with its 2-ns gating systems, and different electro-optical systems like photomultipliers or avalanche photodiodes have been tested to improve the internal ALBA diagnostics systems. Furthermore, the beamline offers a wide variety of research studies, which have been already used in collaboration with other labs (like CERN) as a bench tests for developments in future machines like LHC or CLIC.

IM-XANADUbeamline1  IM-XANADUbeamline2