The Radiofrequency Laboratory (RF) is devoted to tests and calibration of RF components and complete subsystems: Low Level RF, waveguide components tests, amplifier acceptance tests, high power cavity conditioning and checking complete systems operation performance. It is equipped with a complete 80 kW - 500 MHz RF system, including a radiation protection bunker certified by the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN). It includes High Voltage Power supply (36kW-4A), IOT RF amplifier (80kW), waveguide equipment, low level electronics, PSS, water cooling, compressed air and complementary instruments. It can also model and optimize RF designs using the 3D simulation tool Microwave Studio. In addition, with its modular design, it allows the test of other RF systems with different frequencies and power levels.

All IOTs are extensively checked in this laboratory. On top of that, the laboratory has been used in order to develop collaborations with other institutes (CERN, CIEMAT) and to give service to industrial partners.

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